I. i. 1. pilau, pilaw, pilaff; 2. porridge; südlü ~ milk porridge; ~ını bişirmək 1) to give* it smb. hot; 2) d.d. to have sex (with); to commit adultery, to fornicate ~ ına su qatmaq to put* a spoke in smb.’s wheel, to prevent smb. from doing smth.; ~ının suyunu vermək to beat* (d.) mercilessly, to punish (d.) mercilessly; Əli ~ından da olmaq, Vəli ~ından da ≅ to have* / to gain nothing, to get* nothing for one’s pains, to have* neither this nor that; harada aş orada baş zərb.məs. ≅ You can meet him anywhere you go

II. i. tannic acid, tannin; ~a qoymaq to tan (d.)


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